How To Use Your Mercury Sign To Call In Ready To Invest Leads

Dr. Naieema

Attracting More Leads

Do you know that your Mercury sign can help you attract leads? well as show you why you may not be attracting the leads that you want?

In my
Freedom By Design program,  I helped one of my clients use her Mercury sign to have a consistent flow of leads, which is something that she was struggling with when she first came to me. 

What we did was we looked at her birth chart and found out that her mercury sign is in her second house of Capricorn.

So, I used not just the sign but also the house to help her see her strengths and weaknesses she may have with her messaging and content creation.

With this client, with Mercury being Capricorn, she can easily attract leads by literally standing in her power, being the CEO, and speaking straightforwardly. 

BUT she can also hinder her steady flow of leads if she’s condescending, judgmental, or looking down on people in her communication -
which is the shadow side of having a Mercury in Capricorn. 

Being aware of all of this made a huge difference in my client’s way of attracting leads.

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What's Next?

So I looked into my client’s social media posts - and found out that she was so condescending and was getting into arguments with people who didn’t agree with her…hello shadow of Capricorn in Mercury. 

I brought that to her attention. 

She admitted it and realized that what she was doing was actually stopping her flow of leads -
which is the shadow side of having Mercury in Capricorn (I keep repeating this because it’s important). 

So I taught her how to stand in her power according to her Mercury sign and redirect her communication, attract people who wanted to work with those who are direct and who didn't have fluff - and she actually STARTED getting more leads. 

Did you notice?

I didn’t say anything about hustling more, working harder, doing more. It was simply about getting to know your mercury sign -

Learn more about my
Freedom By Design program and I’ll  give you tips on how you can attract more leads and also some things you may be doing that may be stopping you from getting the leads that you want. 

See you inside!

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