Ready to own your inner fierceness by embarking on a transformative journey using human design & astrology?

Because, sis being authentic is a lifestyle!

If I asked you, "Who are you?" But You Can't Include Your:

1. Relationships

2. Degrees or Profession

3. Relationship to God or Spirit

4. Ethnicity, Race, or Nationality

5. Political Affiliation of Any Kind

What would your answer be?

Sis, You’re...

  • Tired of the struggle to recognize your own values, passions, and goals? Let's break free from that and embrace a life of fulfillment!
  • Feeling the heat to conform to society's expectations just because you're rocking a fabulous 'V' down there? It's time to flip that script and redefine your own narrative.
  • Unhealthy relationships got you in a funk? Whether it's romance, family, or friends, it's time to cut ties that contribute to your dissatisfaction.
  • Fierce fear of failure holding you back? Say goodbye to that perfectionism wall – it's time to break it down and unleash your personal growth potential.
  • Neglecting your own glow-up for the sake of others? Whether it's family, friends, or the career hustle, it's time to prioritize your own personal development and happiness.

"Dr. Naieema helped me uncover beliefs based in scarcity..." Dr. Adia, Manifesting Generator

Just Imagine, You:

  • Unlock Profound Self-Awareness and Fulfillment: Dive deep into the essence of your values, passions, and goals, breaking free from the struggle of self-awareness. Embrace a life that radiates fulfillment.
  • Challenge Societal Expectations: Break free from the chains of societal pressures and predefined roles. Rewrite your narrative beyond gender-imposed expectations, because your story is yours to define.
  • Cultivate Healthy Relationships: Revolutionize your relationship game, be it romantic or platonic. Nurture connections that fuel your satisfaction and well-being, crafting a circle that uplifts rather than drains.
  • Conquer the Fear of Failure: Shatter the shackles of perfectionism that fuel your fear of failure. Break down those walls, paving the way for personal growth, resilience, and a renewed sense of purpose.
  • Prioritize Unapologetic Personal Development: Stop neglecting your own growth. Put yourself first amidst the demands of family, friends, and career. Prioritize personal development, rediscover fulfillment, and reclaim balance in your extraordinary journey.

Because this is YOUR moment to dive into the depths of your true self! Unleash authenticity because when you do, you're not just inviting abundance – you're bringing in effortless relationships and making decisions that align with your soul! 💫✨

Get ready to slay at our VIP Human Design & Astrology Personalized Experience – a fierce, 4-week experience, that begins with an in-person session followed by 4 Weeks of voxer support to illuminate the one-of-a-kind blueprint that defines your destiny! 🔥💎

"That Human Design Has Reset My Life..."

L.T.Dixon, Reflector

How We Help You Slay:

1. One-on-One In-Person Slay Session:
A personalized catalyst for positive change! We'll meet for 4 hours in the vibrant vibes of New York City, Atlanta, GA, or Charlotte, NC – your call. Dr. Naieema's team will secure a chic co-working space, café, or hotel meeting space, where we'll amplify your strengths and conquer challenges. By the end, you'll confidently answer the question, "Who am I?"

2. Human Design Chart Reading:
Dive deep into your Bodygraph's intricate web. Uncover the subtle energies shaping your decisions, relationships, and well-being. Decode the secrets embedded in your design, empowering choices in alignment with your authentic self.

3. Astrology Insights:
Let's get into your astrology chart – the key to unlocking your greatness. Brace yourself for a journey of self-discovery like never before.

4. Lunch Fit for Royalty:
We'll indulge in a carefully curated lunch, tailored to your dietary needs, allergies, and preferences. Snacks? Of course, darling!

5. Application Session to Your Area of Choice:
Immerse in a personalized activation session targeting YOUR goals. Whether it's business, money, career, life purpose, relationships, or self-care – you set the agenda, and we strategize for success.

6. Personalized Insights:
This VIP day comes with bespoke goodies just for you! Walk away with a fierce PowerPoint presentation and exclusive documents tailored to your unique journey.

7. After-Session Check-In:
The fierceness doesn't end with our VIP day. Weekly for 4 weeks, we reconvene on Voxer (the walkie-talkie app) to iron out any uncertainties, answer lingering questions, and pivot if needed. Your journey to greatness is NOW! 💪🌟

In Person:
$4997 OR Klarna
Monthly Payments As Low As $255

I'm a 5/2 splenic projector, LAX of Education, PhD-prepared, queer AF, a mom, speaker and an Intuitive Embodiment Strategist and Human Design Expert for womxn.

Welcome to the fierce and transformative journey where empowerment collides with self-discovery! I'm here for the badass, highly educated womxn who've conquered societal expectations but find themselves tangled up in roles scripted by others. Whether they're dominating in academics or crushing job descriptions, there comes a moment of questioning their own identity.

My mission? To guide these accomplished womxn through the thrilling process of answering the fundamental question, 'Who am I?' Screw societal norms, racial identity, spiritual practices, degrees, and relationships – we're rewriting the script using the electrifying insights of human design.

Picture this as a fierce dance where human design becomes the boldest tool in our arsenal. We're peeling back layers influenced by societal norms, racial expectations, and external validations. It's time to unleash their innate qualities, desires, and unique strengths – a reclaiming of individuality and purpose.

I've crafted a space for unapologetic self-reflection and exploration. Together, we redefine success on their terms. My approach? Empower these phenomenal womxn to navigate life authentically, letting their true selves shine beyond the limitations of societal expectations. We're on a journey, embracing authenticity and reclaiming identities – because being fierce is about living a life aligned with genuine essence. Join me in unlocking the transformative badassery within and embracing authenticity like Sasha Fierce...Yes I LOVE Beyonce! 🔥✨


Womxn on a Self-Discovery Journey: This program is exclusively designed for womxn on a quest for a profound journey of self-discovery. Through the transformative lens of Bodygraph Analysis, participants peel back the layers of intricate energies shaping their decisions, relationships, and overall well-being. The program guides them towards choices in perfect harmony with their authentic, fierce selves.

Womxn Ready to Tap Into Your Fullest Self: The Chart Reading component caters specifically to womxn craving comprehensive insights into various aspects of their existence. From Energy Type to Incarnation Cross, this program offers an in-depth exploration of one's design, empowering womxn to grasp and align with their unique traits. It serves as a powerful tool for healing past traumas and unraveling the tapestry of their life purpose in sync with their inner fierceness.

Womxn Ready for Positive Change: The Activation Session is meticulously crafted for womxn ready to wholeheartedly embrace positive change. Tailored strategies provided in this session act as a dynamic catalyst for breaking free from self-limiting patterns. This program is the ultimate choice for those seeking Sasha Fierce-approved tools to amplify strengths, overcome challenges, and embark on a transformative journey towards a harmonized life aligned with their true essence.

"Understanding that I don't have to force...changes everything" Ali D., Manifesting Generator


✨ In-Person Empowerment: Break free from the confines of the digital world and immerse yourself in a profound connection during our exclusive in-person sessions. Feel the electrifying energy, pose questions, and receive real-time insights. Available in the vibrant cities of New York City, Atlanta, GA, OR Charlotte, NC ONLY. The choice of location is yours!

✨ Tailored Personal Connection: This is an intimate one-on-one session set in a co-working space, café, or hotel within the city of your choosing. Dr. Naieema's undivided attention will be solely dedicated to assisting you on your transformative journey!

✨ Clarity Unveiled through Self-Discovery: Human Design and astrology unfolds the mysteries of your life, bringing clarity to once-confusing or challenging aspects. By delving into your energetic design, you'll uncover insights into the reasons behind your choices, the dynamics of your interactions with others, and what might be holding you back.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. What is the VIP Human Design & Astrology Personalized Experience?
    - The VIP Human Design & Astrology Personalized Experience is a transformative 4-week journey designed to help you embrace your inner fierceness and align with your authentic self using Human Design and Astrology principles. It includes an in-person session, 4 weeks of Voxer support, and personalized insights tailored to your unique blueprint.

  • 2. What does the in-person session entail?
    - The in-person session is a 4-hour personalized experience held in either New York City, Atlanta, GA, or Charlotte, NC. Dr. Naieema's team will secure a chic co-working space, café, or hotel. During this session, you'll receive individualized attention and support to amplify your strengths, conquer challenges, and gain clarity on your identity and purpose using your human design.

  • 3. Does the cost cover my travel to and from the location?
    - No, the cost covers the session, snacks, lunch together, the 4 weeks of Voxer support and Dr. Naieema’s travel and accommodations.

  • 4. What can I expect during the personalized activation session?**
    - The personalized activation session targets your specific goals, whether they relate to business, money, career, relationships, life purpose or self-care. You set the agenda, and together we strategize for success, providing you with practical tools to facilitate positive change.
  • 5. How does the Voxer support work?
    - Following the VIP day, you'll receive 4 weeks of Voxer support, allowing you to communicate with us weekly to address any uncertainties, answer lingering questions, and pivot if needed. This ongoing support ensures that your journey to greatness continues beyond the initial session.
  • 6. Who is this program designed for?
    - This program is exclusively designed for womxn on a quest for profound self-discovery, ready to tap into their fullest selves and embrace positive change. It's ideal for those seeking comprehensive insights into various aspects of their existence and are willing to embark on a transformative journey towards a harmonized life aligned with their true essence.
  • 7. Why should I choose the VIP day over other options?**
    - Our VIP day offers an exclusive in-person experience where you can break free from the confines of the digital world and immerse yourself in a profound connection. With tailored personal attention and clarity unveiled through self-discovery, this program provides a unique opportunity to accelerate your journey towards authenticity and fulfillment.

I'M IN!!!

Buckle up because it's time to strut down the runway of self-exploration! Get ready to unlock those fabulous facets that scream, "I'm uniquely me!" Let's ditch the fake and embrace the real deal—you, honey! Let your authenticity steal the spotlight and become the most captivating chapter of your fierce and fabulous story! Werk it, Queen! 💃✨