Human Design by Dr. Naieema

Open/Undefined Centers

An enlightening and transformative course designed to guide you in understanding and embracing your unique Human Design through the lens of open & undefined centers. Within the Human Design chart, there are nine energy centers, each representing distinct aspects of your life and personality. Some individuals have open and undefined centers, meaning that you absorb energies from others, influencing their experiences and interactions.

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You'll Uncover:

- Understanding Open Centers: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the nine energy centers in the Human Design system, with a focus on open (undefined) centers and their significance in shaping your experience of the world

- Energetic Absorption and Awareness: Learn to recognize and differentiate between your own authentic energy and the energies you absorb from others. Cultivate awareness of how open centers affect your emotions, decisions, and interactions

- Integration and Empowerment: Develop strategies and practices to integrate the energies you absorb into a balanced and harmonious state, allowing you to authentically express yourself without being overwhelmed by external influences

- Practical Decision Making: Deepen your understanding of open centers and apply this knowledge to your decision making

By the end of this course, you'll have a deep understanding of the intricacies of open and undefined centers, exploring their influence on your perceptions, behavior, and relationships. You'll be equipped with the knowledge and tools to harness these centers' potential and transform the absorbed energies into a source of strength and authenticity.

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Human Design by Dr. Naieema

Human Design is the tool that allows you to say 'fuck it' to the many wrong labels put on your by everyone else and allows you to go on to live in a way that is authentic to you...the real you!

- Dr Naieema

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