Unapologetic Authenticity™

Level 1 & 2 Human Design

Reader Certification

A self-paced transformative journey that enables you to navigate through self-discovery and basic human design chart analysis…

So, you can add it to your current business or start a new business!

Because now is the time to unleash your potential with our Self-Paced Human Design Reader Certification Program, curated by Dr. Naieema.

Certification Breakdown

Program Breakdown:

  • Human Design Fundamentals: Explore the intricacies of Human Design, understand Energy Type Identification, and learn the essential skill of pulling Human Design charts.
  • 5 Energy Types, Strategy, Aura, Signature, Not-Self Theme: Delve into the core elements, including the 5 Energy Types, Strategy, Aura, Signature, and Not-Self Theme, gaining a profound understanding of their impact on personal design.
  • 7 Authority Types and the 5 Definitions: Discover the nuances of the 7 Authority Types and the 5 Definitions, empowering yourself to interpret and guide individuals based on their unique design.
  • Lines & Profiles: Grasp the significance of Lines & Profiles, acquiring the expertise to connect your clients life purpose to their profiles.
  • 9 Undefined, Defined, and Open Centers: Uncover the intricacies of 9 Undefined, Defined, and Open Centers, gaining insights into how they shape individual experiences and interactions.
  • 64 Gates: Navigate the 64 Gates, unraveling the unique energies associated with each gate and their profound implications on Human Design
  • 36 Channels: Explore the 36 Channels, understanding their interplay and the dynamic flow of energies that shape the intricacies of Human Design.


  • Alignment in Business By Design Course
  • Sales By Your Human Design Course
  • Manifest by Design Masterclass
  • Personalized journal prompts to further embody your design
  • Download of slides for each of the lectures

For 12 Weeks, you'll receive...

  • Monthly Group Live Practice Readings and Q&A’s with Dr. Naieema (valued at $3000) You'll gain access to practice readings and insightful Q&A sessions to hone your skills and deepen your understanding of human design. Elevate your expertise and confidently embark on your journey as a proficient human design reader.
  • Comprehensive Study of Your Own Chart (valued at $750)
    Using what you learn in this program, you will engage in a comprehensive exploration of your own unique design, delving into every aspect along the journey. Through a personalized approach, you’ll gain a profound understanding of yourself each stage of the program.
  • Self-Paced Unapologetic Authenticity™ Certification Level 1 & 2 Modules (valued at $1000)
    Unlock weekly modules, self-paced modules that help you navigate the intricacies of human design. Videos are straight to the point without fluff to help you quickly grasp important concepts.

  • Sample Templates for Intake Forms (valued at $500)
    Simplify your practice with professionally crafted sample intake forms. Streamline your client interactions and elevate your readings to the next level.

  • Supportive Online Community(valued at $1200)
    Join our vibrant online community to share experiences, insights, and support. Connect with fellow readers, get your questions answered by Dr. Naieema + Team, and receive encouragement as you traverse the cosmic landscape of Human Design.

That's a value of $6,450 but this round is only


One Payment of $1297
 as low as $325/Month

I'm a 5/2 splenic projector, Cancer rising, Scorpio moon, Sagittarius sun, LAX of Education 2, PhD- prepared educator, queer AF, a mom, speaker and an Intuitive Embodiment Strategist for womxn.

Welcome to a transformative journey where empowerment meets self-discovery. In my work, I focus on guiding highly educated womxn who have excelled in meeting societal expectations, yet find themselves lost in roles defined by others. Whether it's excelling in academics or adhering to job descriptions, they've reached a point of questioning their own identity.

My mission is to help these accomplished womxn answer the fundamental question, 'Who am I?', independently of societal norms, racial identity, spiritual practices, degrees, and relationships. Using the profound insights provided by human design and astrology, I specialize in offering a unique and empowering experience that goes beyond conventional markers of success.

Human design and astrology serve as a powerful tools in this process, assisting these womxn in reconnecting with their innate qualities, desires, and unique strengths. By unraveling layers influenced by societal norms, racial expectations, and external validations, they can rediscover their individuality and purpose.

I provide a supportive space for self-reflection and exploration, guiding them to redefine success on their terms. My approach aims to empower these remarkable womxn to navigate life authentically, allowing their true selves to flourish beyond the confines of societal expectations. Together, we embark on a journey of self-discovery, enabling them to reclaim their identity and live a fulfilling life aligned with their genuine essence. Join me in unlocking the transformative potential within and embracing authenticity.

Is This Certification for You?

For you if:

  • You seek a profound and transformative journey into Human Design
  • You want to add human design to your current business or start your human design business
  • You are eager to become an adept Human Design reader, empowering yourself and others on a path of self-discovery
  • You're a novice or have some knowledge of Human Design as this program is tailored for anyone eager to dive deep into the cosmic intricacies of chart interpretation, energy types, authorities, and relationship dynamics
  • You're passionate about unlocking the mysteries of your unique blueprint and transforming that knowledge into a powerful tool for personal and professional growth

NOT for you if:

  • You are not open to exploring metaphysical or esoteric concepts, as it heavily relies on understanding and embracing the principles of Human Design
  • You seek quick fixes or immediate results without a commitment to personal growth and learning
  • You are not comfortable with introspection, self-discovery, or open-minded exploration of your own unique energy patterns
  • You are solely interested in traditional or conventional self-help approaches as mystical and cosmic aspects are emphasized in this program
  • You are judgmental and not open to other perspectives and viewpoints
  • You have dogmatic viewpoints about how others SHOULD live out their designs
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I join the program if I'm new to Human Design? Absolutely! Unapologetic Authenticity™ Human Design Reader Level 1 and 2 Certification welcomes all levels of enthusiasts. Whether you're a cosmic novice or have some knowledge, this journey is tailored to guide you through Human Design mastery.

  • Can I use the templates for my personal branding? Absolutely! The professionally crafted templates, including sample intake forms and chart analyses, are yours to personalize. Let your unique essence shine through as you build a brand that reflects the fierce authenticity of your Human Design journey.

  • How much time does it take to complete the program? The duration of the program is entirely up to you! While some participants may complete it within weeks, you have the flexibility to take up to 12 weeks to absorb the material fully, with ongoing support from our vibrant community. If you find you need more time, you can extend your access for an additional 12 weeks with a reinstatement fee. Your learning journey is as unique as your Human Design – proceed at your own pace! Click here for a sample 12 week syllabus.

  • How much time should I dedicate to the program each week?
    - A: The beauty of this program lies in its flexibility. You can allocate as much time as suits your schedule. While there are deep dives into advanced analysis, the self-paced nature allows you to progress at your own rhythm. On average, participants dedicate a few hours per week to get the most out of the content.

  • Is there a community or forum for participants to interact and share and to ask questions?**
    - A: Yes, there is a dedicated online community where participants can ask questions, share experiences, and discuss insights gained from the program. This forum fosters a supportive environment for individuals to learn from each other, get their questions answered and enhance their understanding of Human Design.

  • What makes this program different? This is the only human design certification program that includes fundamental analysis coupled with helping you understand how to make sales using your design. In addition, Dr. Naieema's incarnation cross is the LAX of Education 2. She is here to educate you on a new way of doing things by aligning your beliefs and actions with your authenticity.

  • Will I be able to start or add human design to my business after this program? You sure will!

  • What is needed to earn certification? To receive certification, you must meet the following criteria:

1. Complete all quizzes
2. Watch all course videos
3. Complete 2 one-on-one readings
4. Complete a reflection of your own chart

Because now is the time to embrace the cosmic journey, Queen, and let the Unapologetic Authenticity™ Human Design Certification be the guiding star on your path to self-discovery, collective healing and your coin

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