Human Design by Dr. Naieema

Manifest By Design

An immersive and transformative course that combines the wisdom of Human Design with the art of manifestation. This course is designed to guide you in understanding and utilizing your unique Human Design to manifest your dreams and potential with purpose and precision.

$75 USD

29 mins & Timestamped



- Understanding Human Design and Manifestation: Learn the foundational principles of Human Design and manifestation, exploring how they complement each other to amplify your manifesting potential.

- Intention Setting and Visualization Techniques: Master techniques for setting clear intentions and visualization exercises that align with your Human Design, enhancing your ability to manifest and create a life in harmony with your design.

- Leveraging Your Human Design Cognition: Understand how to utilize your cognition to enhance your manifesting abilities and align with your authentic desires.

- Practical Manifestation Strategies: Receive practical tools and strategies to manifest your desires effectively, incorporating your unique Human

Design insights into your manifestation practice.

By the end of this course, you will have a profound understanding of how to manifest in alignment with your Human Design, empowering you to harness your innate potential and manifest your dreams with clarity and intention. Join us on this transformative journey to manifest your potential using the wisdom of Human Design, and step into a life of purpose and fulfillment.

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Human Design by Dr. Naieema

Human Design is the tool that allows you to say 'fuck it' to the many wrong labels put on your by everyone else and allows you to go on a journey to create sales strategies that are authentic to you...the real you!

- Dr Naieema Jackson

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