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Beyonce Renaissance Tour

January 08, 2024

Beyonce's Human Design Chart Reading

Beyonce is a 1/3 sacral manifesting generator. As we all know, manifesting generators are people who have many interests and are passionate about different things, plus they have a lot of energy!

Pi Diddy

January 15, 2024

P Diddy's Human Design Chart Reading

Now there’s a lot going about P Diddy… I’m not going to talk about the case but I’m gonna share with you what I see in his human design chart.

team work

January 22, 2024

Embracing Your True Self With Human Design

If you're the oldest or the only daughter, you might have placed your worth solely in academic achievements and professional success. But now, you find yourself feeling stuck, unable to answer the simple question: Who am I outside of these roles?

woman looking to side

January 29, 2024

How Human Design Helped Me Set Boundaries

I’m realizing that I was exhausted and feeling used because people only reached out when they needed something. Can you relate? I'm sure many of you have experienced the weight of being the go-to person, the problem solver, and the helper.

keith lee

February 5, 2024

Keith Lee's Human Design Chart Reading

Ever found yourself wondering why Keith Lee is loved by millions but still seems misunderstood and unseen, especially by individuals like DJ Envy? 

Let’s unravel the layers of Keith Lee's personality using the lens of Human Design. 

woman drinking tea

February 12, 2024

Open/Undefined Centers: Calling In What You Really Want!

Let's keep it real – 2023 hit us like a wrecking ball. It brought us to our knees and shook us to the core.

Each of you has your own story of how 2023 shook up your life, but amidst the chaos, there's a crucial question to ponder – what is it that you're calling in?

dancing woman

February 19, 2024

Harnessing Human Design Authority For Life's Best Decision

One crucial aspect of Human Design Authority is emotional authority, and if you find that the center right here is a solid color, other than white, congratulations – you are part of the 50% of the population with emotional authority. It’s good to emphasize the importance of recognizing your emotional authority to avoid impulsive decision-making in the heat of the moment. 

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