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Dr. Naieema

I just came back from seeing the Renaissance movie and Beyonce says something very powerful in it, she said “I’ve spent so much of my life being a serial people pleaser and finally I don’t give a f*ck anymore”.

Beyonce is a 1/3 sacral manifesting generator. As we all know, manifesting generators are people who have many interests and are passionate about different things, plus they have a lot of energy! So we are not surprised that she is a director, a boss, a singer, an actor, a mother, a wife, and all the things. She’s making it look easy!

BUT let’s look at the shadow of a manifesting generator…

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Looking Deep Into Beyonce's Human Design

Manifesting generators are often one-sided and sacrificial in relationships where they are over-giving, trying to prove themselves, showing people that they are lovable when the people around them may or may not do the same for them. We often heard year after year that Beyonce was treating herself like a machine, practicing for hours, always doing all the things.

In human design, there is what we called Digestion, it’s about how an individual digests the information, experiences, and environment around you. With Beyonce, she has a con digestion which means that she is best in processing and being creative when the environment around her is calm. So her morning routine includes meditation and being in a calm environment, which led her to being a superstar! Whether or not she knows human design, she is honoring who she is!

Now let’s talk about some of the shadows of being Beyonce…

Beyonce has a completely open emotion center, an undefined root center, and undefined spleen. Now, the lowest expressions of these are being sacrificial in relationships, having a to-do list that never ends, overworking oneself, and over-committing. With her having an open emotion center, she probably does things out of guilt and maybe afraid of confrontations. 

In her chart, Beyonce also has channels 11, 56 which tells us that she is a brilliant storyteller. Her mind center is connected to the throat center which means that she can easily express her thoughts and ideas.

She also has channels 5, 15 which says that she needs to have a routine to help her life flow. With these channels as well, whenever she has chaos in her life, she needs to ask herself these questions:

How am I not honoring my authenticity?

“How am I not embodying my authentic self?”

“How am I not following my joy?”

Does this resonate with you? What are your thoughts?

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