Astrology & Human Design Readings

Astrology Birth Chart Reading

A whole sign natal chart reading is an insightful exploration of your unique astrological blueprint at the moment of your birth. By analyzing the positions of celestial bodies, it provides profound insights into your personality, life path, strengths, challenges, and potential opportunities.

This reading includes:

All 10 planets, all 12 houses, all 12 signs, major planetary aspects, healing yourself and other using your Chiron placement

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Human Design Chart Reading

Unleash the power of self-awareness as you discover the unique way your energy flows, the magnetic aura you exude, and the strategic approach that aligns with your authentic self. It's time to embrace the magic of self-discovery and live in harmony with your true design.

This Reading Includes:

Energy Type, Aura, Strategy, Authority, Signature, Not Self Theme, Definition, Profile, Centers and Channels

Pre-Recorded and Emailed
$317 OR
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Life Purpose Reading Using Human Design AND Astrology

Uncover your life purpose via your incarnation cross, south node and north nodes. There is no need to find your purpose as your purpose begins to be realized when you embrace and experiment with your authenticity using your human design and Astrology. Discover how to activate your life purpose with ease. Have a clear understanding of when you're moving towards your life purpose and when you're not.

Money Activation Reading Using Human Design, Gene Keys and Astrology

Unlock the potential for financial abundance through the synergy of Human Design, Gene Keys pearl sequence and your Astrology. This transformative reading illuminates the pathways to activate wealth consciousness and align with the frequencies that magnetize abundance into your life, guiding you towards a prosperous and fulfilling financial journey.

Human Design and Astrology Reading Bundle


Embark on a holistic journey of self-discovery with a series of four Human Design and Astrology readings. The Advanced reading, focuses on unleashing the power of self-awareness, understanding your energy flow, magnetic aura, and authentic self, allowing you to redefine your existence and live in harmony with your true design. Then, the Astrology reading delves into the what and why of your life, providing profound insights into optimizing well-being. Next, the Life Purpose reading unveils your life purpose through your incarnation cross north and south nodes, offering a clear understanding of how to activate it effortlessly and navigate your journey with purpose and alignment. Finally, the readings will culminate in the Money Activation reading.