Ready to FINALLY fill your own cup first?


Are you a womxn who feels like you've lost sight of your true self? Do you often find yourself questioning your purpose, potential, and power?

You're not alone.

In a world that encourages you to fit into predefined role because you have a vagina, it's easy to forget who you truly are & to feel unheard and unseen

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There is NOTHING Wrong with the Authentic YOU!

It's Time for Unapologetic Authenticity Where You Break Free from Self-Doubt and Free The Real You Using Human Design & Astrology


Why Astrology?

Astrology, a transformative tool, delves deep into your unique energy, talents, and life path. It serves as a cosmic mirror, reflecting your inner essence and guiding you to embrace your authentic power. We're dedicated to assisting individuals, especially womxn, on this illuminating voyage of self-discovery.

Why Human Design?

Human Design is a revolutionary tool that offers deep insights into your unique energy, talents, and life path. It's a blueprint to rediscover your inner magic and embrace your innate power. We are dedicated to helping womxn embark on this life-changing voyage of self-discovery.



I'm a 5/2 splenic projector, LAX of Education, Cancer rising, Scorpio moon, Sagittarius sun, queer AF, a mom, speaker and an Intuitive Embodiment Strategist for womxn.

Welcome to a transformative journey where empowerment meets self-discovery. In my work, I focus on guiding highly educated womxn who have excelled in meeting societal expectations, yet find themselves lost in roles defined by others. Whether it's excelling in academics or adhering to job descriptions, they've reached a point of questioning their own identity.

My mission is to help these accomplished womxn answer the fundamental question, 'Who am I?', independently of societal norms, racial identity, spiritual practices, degrees, and relationships. Using the profound insights provided by human design & astrology, I specialize in offering a unique and empowering experience that goes beyond conventional markers of success.

Human design & astrology serve as a powerful tools in this process, assisting these womxn in reconnecting with their innate qualities, desires, and unique strengths. By unraveling layers influenced by societal norms, racial expectations, and external validations, they can rediscover their individuality and purpose.

I provide a supportive space for self-reflection and exploration, guiding them to redefine success on their terms. My approach aims to empower these remarkable womxn to navigate life authentically, allowing their true selves to flourish beyond the confines of societal expectations. Together, we embark on a journey of self-discovery, enabling them to reclaim their identity and live a fulfilling life aligned with their genuine essence. Join me in unlocking the transformative potential within and embracing authenticity.


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