Finding Your True Path: A Guide for Generators and Manifesting Generators

Dr. Naieema

Hey Generators and Manifesting Generators! Are you feeling stuck in a job or relationship that drains you? Do you feel like you're always working hard but not enjoying it? You're not alone, and there's a reason for this struggle.

As a Generator or Manifesting Generator, you are designed to accomplish tasks that truly excite you. You're here to get things done, but only if they light you up from within. Many of you are stuck in roles and situations that don't bring you joy, and that's why you're feeling drained.

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The Power of the Sacral Response

Your sacral response is your secret weapon. It's that gut feeling you get when you're making a decision – whether it's applying for a job, agreeing to help someone, or making any important choice. This gut feeling will tell you if something is right for you. When you listen to your sacral response, you'll know if something is worth your energy.

How to Identify the Right Path

  • Feel the Spark: Pay attention to what piques your interest. If something excites you, it's a good sign.
  • Trust Your Gut: Your sacral response will guide you. If it feels right in your gut, go for it.
  • Energy Flow: Notice when you have the energy to do something. If a task or activity lights you up, you'll naturally have the energy to complete it.

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By following your sacral response and choosing paths that energize you, you'll find more fulfillment and joy in everything you do. Remember, you have the power to create a life that truly lights you up!

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Hi, I'm Dr. Naieema

I'm a 5/2 splenic projector, a mom, a speaker and an Intuitive Business Strategist and Human Design Expert for women online service providers!

After climbing the corporate ladder, I realized that I was not willing to work 40+ hours a week for the rest of my life to prove myself to other unhappy people. Oh and while earning less as a woman of color. So, in December of 2019, I started my coaching business and took in to six figures in one year!

But I was doing the copy and past strategies and treating myself as an employee working 50+ hours a week. I was quickly approaching burnout. So, I learned human design, learned I am a projector and created a six figure business working 12 hours a week!

As a certified human design reader AND intuitive business strategist, I help women service providers, who’ve created jobs for themselves and who are experiencing burnout, use their human design and basic astrology to build wildly profitable businesses.