My Journey From Coaching to Educating Using Human Design

Dr. Naieema

In my journey, I discovered a profound revelation that led me to shift from coaching to educating using Human Design. Despite my initial endeavors in coaching, I found myself increasingly dissatisfied with the long-term commitment it required. It wasn't until I immersed myself in understanding my own human design that clarity dawned upon me. Here are some key insights that shaped my transition:

  • The Influence of Human Design Profile: As a person with a "five" in my profile, I realized that maintaining long-term coaching relationships wasn't aligned with my design. Fives, like me, thrive in dynamic environments and benefit from fresh perspectives.
  • The Idealistic Nature of Gate 11: Gate 11 symbolizes my inclination towards sharing ideals and innovative ideas. I'm passionate about sparking change and introducing new perspectives, but I prefer to empower individuals to navigate their paths independently.
  • The Caution of Gate 12: Gate 12 signifies the wisdom of cautious expression. I realized that constant repetition and detailed guidance, as required in coaching, didn't resonate with my design.
  • Incarnation Cross of Education: My incarnation cross, the Left Angle Cross of Education, illuminated my true calling—to understand individual needs and educate others on transformative possibilities.

Are you ready to answer the question "Who Am I?" using Human Design?

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My Focus Areas in Speaking and Education

Driven by my personal experiences and human design revelations, my speaking and educational endeavors are centered around two key areas:

  • Inner City Children Empowerment: Having experienced homelessness and food insecurity during my childhood, I'm dedicated to inspiring inner city children. I aim to show them that their current circumstances don't define their future possibilities.
  • Women Empowerment: I'm passionate about empowering women to embrace their true identities beyond societal expectations. Every woman deserves to define herself on her terms.

If you're involved in education, women's empowerment initiatives, or events geared towards youth empowerment, I'm eager to collaborate. Whether it's speaking engagements, workshops, or consultations, let's work together to inspire and educate.

Through human design, I invite you to embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Join me as we navigate the complexities of identity and purpose, shedding light on the paths that resonate with our true selves. If you're ready to embrace who you truly are and explore transformative possibilities, let's embark on this journey together.

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Hi, I'm Dr. Naieema

I'm a 5/2 splenic projector, a mom, a speaker and an Intuitive Business Strategist and Human Design Expert for women online service providers!

After climbing the corporate ladder, I realized that I was not willing to work 40+ hours a week for the rest of my life to prove myself to other unhappy people. Oh and while earning less as a woman of color. So, in December of 2019, I started my coaching business and took in to six figures in one year!

But I was doing the copy and past strategies and treating myself as an employee working 50+ hours a week. I was quickly approaching burnout. So, I learned human design, learned I am a projector and created a six figure business working 12 hours a week!

As a certified human design reader AND intuitive business strategist, I help women service providers, who’ve created jobs for themselves and who are experiencing burnout, use their human design and basic astrology to build wildly profitable businesses.