P Diddy's Human Design

Chart Reading

Dr. Naieema

Now there’s a lot going about P Diddy… I’m not going to talk about the case but I’m gonna share with you what I see in his human design chart.

Behind P Diddy's Action In The Lens Of Human Design

P Diddy is a 5’1 sacral generator. He has an undefined ego center which means that he is somebody who tries desperately to prove himself, and an undefined throat that even though he is loud and boisterous, he is just trying to be seen, heard, and understood. 

He also has an undefined emotional center and mind. The lowest expression of these energies is that people appear to be intelligent and that they got it all together. With this, the confidence that we may see this man (Pi Diddy) display is that she is a bad boy for life with the right to rock, is he truly confident about that or just want you to believe that?

BUT this is the biggest thing I’ve seen in his chart…

In his chart, he has line 2 in his design Mars which tells us about his primary genetic trauma, which for him is denial.

He is unable to see how he contributes to the mess. That denial looks like anger, transferring blame to another person, usually their loved ones. So often what we see with people with trauma of denial is that they are unable to control their emotions and it’s always somebody else's fault. When you couple the trauma of denial with a fuckboy, you get an abuser.

But here’s another indication of possible abuse...

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Pi Diddy has 7.1. as sun gate (sun gate indicates how you shine in this world), with the 7.1. sun gate, these people are supposed to be in support of those in leadership, but many of them try to take the leadership role, and when they do it can look like a dictatorship in some sorts.

That’s it.. there’s so much in here but I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Are you ready to answer the question "Who Am I?" using Human Design? Click here for Human Design courses for self-discovery!

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